About VAHomeMap.com
VA Home Map was built by The Local Realty, specifically for our valued military members in order to assist in all of their real estate needs. Not All Homes Are VA Approved and there are several requirements the home and military member need to do before searching for a home. This website provides in depth information on the VA home buying process and a VA Home Specialist is available 24 hours a day to answer your real estate questions. To speak with a VA Home Professionals Now Call (866) 538-6057 or visit TheLocalRealty.com.

About The Local Realty

The Local Realty™, the fastest growing Lifestyle Real Estate Team in the world and a global leader in local real estate services. All of our Associates are Certified Local Experts™ providing market knowledge that allows our clients to seize opportunities and increase wealth while allowing us to create the most accurate picture of local real estate market conditions and trends. Every day, in communities around the globe, we apply our insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help clients make informed real estate decisions.

Our Company Mission
The mission of The Local Realty™ is to provide the highest level of professional service to our clients by hiring the Top Local Real Estate Experts who specialize in a specific community or property type. With years of research and industry knowledge, we have proven that by working with a Certified Local Expert™, our clients have better negotiation power; saving them time and money when making their next real estate decision.

The Local Realty Promise
We seek to only hire or partner with local experts. Our Associates work in a team environment, allowing The Local Realty™ to connect you with a real estate expert that is right for you. No Pressure. If you feel like the Real Estate Associate we set you up with is not right for you, just give us a call and we will refer you to another agent in, or outside, our company that matches your needs.

Certified Local Experts
All of our Associates are Certified Local Experts™ who have completed extensive training in servicing their local real estate market.